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Step into the world of dental care like no other at Wellness Dental Studio. At our dental clinic Singapore, we are committed to giving you a brighter and healthier smile by offering a patient-centered experience with the highest dentistry standards and quality.

Our Dental Services

Our Singapore dentist group offers a wide range
of dental services, from routine check-ups to complex
& advanced procedures. Following are the top services
our dental clinic in Singapore has to offer

Teeth Scaling and Polishing


Toothache is a frequent concern at our clinic, typically involving pain and discomfort in the tooth or gum area, which can cause tooth decay.

Dental braces singapore


Invisible braces are clear, transparent plastic fittings that are highly flexible and provide comparable support to your teeth as any standard braces

Scaling and polishing Singapore

Scaling & Polishing

A biannual visit to the dentist is essential for optimal oral health. Our routine appointment offers an all-inclusive assessment, scaling to remove plaque and tartar, and personalized guidance.

Dental teeth whitening

Dental Implants

Dental implants have revolutionized dentistry and become one of the most popular solutions for surgically replacing damaged or missing teeth.

wisdom tooth extraction singapore

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom teeth can cause extreme pain and discomfort. Wisdom tooth surgery aims to relieve the pain and discomfort of these teeth through a quick and safe extraction procedure.

Young Woman with Gum Inflammation on Light Background, Closeup

Gum & Teeth Contouring

Gums frame your teeth and have an impact on the attractiveness of your smile. To enhance your smile’s appearance, you need aesthetic gum and teeth reshaping.

Dentistry dentist working teeth whitening dental medical process

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening brightens your smile and removes stains. Teeth whitening can improve the look of your teeth and leave you with a beautiful smile.

root canal dental service lucky plaza

Root Canal Treatment

Dental Pulp, also known as the core of your tooth. It contains the nerves and blood vessels – that keep your tooth alive. Endodontics is the discipline that saves your tooth from dying.

Braces service wellness dental studio


This branch of dentistry encompasses everything that involves correcting the position of your teeth and jaw. The pinnacle of orthodontics is, undoubtedly, braces that help align teeth and improve function.

Periodontics service dental service Singapore


Periodontics is the treatment of various gum conditions. The gum is the supporting tissue around our teeth. Gum disease is common and requires proper diagnosis and treatment.

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery dentist orchard Singapore

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Oral and Maxillofacial surgery encompasses all surgical procedures about the facial skull and oral cavity. This is a subspecialty of dentistry that deals with trauma to the facial skeleton and infection and damage to the gums and teeth.

crown bridge emergency dentist Orchard

Dental Crowns & Bridges

A dental crown acts as a cap to cover a broken or damaged tooth, while a bridge physically bridges the gap between two teeth.

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Our Panel of Doctors

Meet our expert and affordable dentist in Singapore.


Dr Raynald Tang
Dental Surgeon

Dr Raynald Tang, a dental surgeon with many years of experience, holds a distinguished professional qualification from the Queens University of Belfast in Bachelor of Dental Surgery (U.K).

Dr Lai Juen Bin

Dr Lai Juen Bin
Dental Surgeon

Dr Lai received his Bachelor of Dental Surgery from National University of Singapore (NUS) in 2000 during which he received numerous awards (Dean’s List, Singapore Dental Association Bronze Medal, Gold Medal for best in clinical dentistry).

Dr Tan Wei Chong

Dr Tan Wei Chong
Dental Surgeon

Dr Tan graduated with a Bachelor of Dentistry (Honours) from the University of Queensland. Trained in the California Implant Institute, he is also the certified provider of Invisalign, the invisible way to straighten your teeth without braces.

Dr Kevin Lai Dental Surgeon

Dr Kevin Lai
Dental Surgeon

Dr Kevin believes when a person has a good understanding of their oral health, they will be able to make a more informed decision. He takes time to explain findings and go through options so you’re involved in your own oral care.

Dr Amanda Tan Dental Surgeon

Dr Amanda Tan
Dental Surgeon

Dr Amanda is known for her gentle and comprehensive approach that has been consistently developed through years of experience in various dental clinics in Australia and Singapore.

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Our Friendly Support Staff


Practice Manager

Locksze is an experienced dental assistant with a strong background in local dental practices. She consistently goes the extra mile to thoroughly understand each patient’s unique needs and is dedicated to delivering exceptional service. Her attentive and compassionate nature ensures that she is always available to listen and provide support.

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Why Choose Wellness Dental Studio

Our team of qualified and highly experienced dentists is available to provide top-notch emergency dental service to our patients and
following are the features that set us apart from other dental clinics in Singapore.

Emergency Dentist

Emergency dentist

At Wellness Dental Studio, we offer emergency dentist Services in Singapore for immediate assistance in any dental emergency during our operating hours.


Reminder Of Appointment

You will always attend your appointment as our support team will keep you updated through phone calls, text messages, and E-mails.


Friendly Staff

Our warm, friendly, and welcoming staff is dedicated to making sure your experience at our clinic is pleasant and hassle-free.


Minimal Wait Time

When you book an appointment, we will ensure you a minimal wait time for your dental treatment.



We place you at the center of every decision so that you become comfortable and updated. Your dental well-being is our foremost priority.


Follow-up Calls After a treatment or procedure

For your dental health and well-being, we go the extra mile by follow-up calls to ensure that your post-treatment experience and dental condition are as expected.


Advanced Equipment and Technology

We use the most innovative equipment and modern dentistry technologies to ensure optimal oral health and well-being.

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Ready for a healthier, happier smile? Book your appointment today and let our expert team at Wellness Dental Studio take care of your dental needs. Your radiant smile journey begins here!

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At Wellness Dental Studio, you will experience first-rate dental care from top dentists in Singapore and aesthetic treatments for you and your loved ones.

Easing your pain and providing comfort is our priority. Trained in anxiety management, our staff knows the best way to engage with you to make you feel relaxed, making every treatment pleasant and happy.

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