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When teeth become misaligned, crooked or asymmetrical, orthodontics can help. This branch of dentistry encompasses everything that involves correcting the position of your teeth and jaw. The pinnacle of orthodontics is, undoubtedly, braces that help not only to align teeth but also improves function.

How Do I Know If I Need Braces?

Not everyone with crooked tooth needs braces. The only way for you to know if you truly require orthodontics is if your dentist recommends it. Our dentists at Wellness Dental Studio will carefully examine the symmetry and position of your teeth and decide whether braces will benefit you or not.

We might also order X-rays and special photographs of the jaw to make the most appropriate decision.

Generally, orthodontic treatment can be considered in the following circumstances:

  • Overriding teeth/overbite: These are more commonly known as ‘buck teeth’ and are apparent in the upper two incisors.
  • Under-bite: This is when the lower two incisors override and cause a bull-dog-like teeth appearance.
  • Asymmetrical midline: This happens when the center of your upper set of teeth do not align properly with the lower set of teeth
  • Visible spacing: When there are large gaps between adjacent teeth that cause gum damage
  • Overcrowding: When adjacent teeth are too close together and override each other.
  • Crossbite: This occurs when the upper teeth do not meet the lower teeth at the proper angle during biting or chewing

What Are the Different Types of Braces?

Dental Braces come in multiple varieties; at Wellness Dental Studio, we offer two major braces – conventional braces and ceramic braces

Conventional Metal Braces

These braces are built with a metal body that is fixed to the teeth surface with the help of wires, brackets, or metallic bands. Conventional braces have been used for years and still remain high in demand because of the ease of getting them fixed and the price point.

Conventional braces need to be carefully managed and adjusted every month to produce the best alignment results. Most people will be required to wear these metal braces for a period of a few months to a year.

Today, conventional braces come in all different colors to make them more cosmetically appealing. They are also much lighter than they used to be which makes them kid-friendly.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are designed to look more natural and less noticeable than conventional metal Invisible braces in Singapore. These are clear or white in color.

Although ceramic braces have a superior cosmetic benefit, they are not suited for people with particular biting patterns. The ceramic used in these braces are harder than the tooth enamel; if the enamel of another tooth rubs on the ceramic bracket, it can become damaged.

Talk to our dentists to understand the best orthodontics in Singapore option for you.

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