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The dental pulp is the core of your tooth. It’s the part that contains all the vital structures – nerves and blood vessels – that keep the tooth alive. When the pulp is damaged, the tooth begins to die. Endodontics is the specialty discipline of dentistry that prevents the tooth from dying by saving the dental pulp.

How Can the Dental Pulp Get Damaged?

The dental pulp lies inside the tooth so patients often wonder how the inside of their tooth can become damaged.

Pulp damage usually begins with tooth decay. Poor oral health and hygiene can cause your tooth to decay which causes a cavity to form in the enamel. It starts off with a build-up of plaque, then holes in the enamel, and finally penetration into the dental pulp.

Dental infections can also spread to the pulp which is one of the leading causes of pulp damage.

<h2style=”color: #333399;”>How Does Dental Pump Damage Feel Like?

The symptoms appear before the final damage to the nerves has been done. Deep pain and discomfort in the tooth are the predominant signs of an impending dental pulp death.

Once the nerves have become damaged, you won’t feel any sensation in the tooth at all. This means that the pain will go away but so will any other sensations. On the contrary, you may feel more pressure pain on the tooth during eating.

How is Dental Pulp Damage Diagnosed?

Our endodontists will first perform a comprehensive oral cavity examination to look for any signs of infection or tooth decay.

Dental X-rays are a useful test to establish the diagnosis of tooth decay and underlying pulp damage.

If there is still doubt, we make use of a special tool called the electric pulp tester that sends tiny, safe current-like sensations to the tooth. If the sensations are felt, the pulp is still viable.

How is A Diseased Dental Pulp Treated?

The standard treatment for diseased dental pulp and tooth root is root canal treatment in Singapore. This can be done for anterior, premolar, and molar teeth.

Root canal treatment is a surgery where the endodontist removes the dead or diseased tissue in the dental pulp chamber. A warm fluid is then instilled and irrigated into the canal to thoroughly clean it and get rid of the infection.

Then, a special filling (a rubber-like material called the gutta-percha) is applied to the canal.

Root canal treatment is done under local anesthesia, so the procedure is safe and comfortable in Singapore.

Typically, patients will require a second appointment for a follow-up as well.

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